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    July 2014, 2 stays, 1 night each

    When we bought our flight to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi, we wanted to make our journey as smooth and convenient as possible.

    Since we had to buy separate tickets (We had to find our way from Dublin to London Gatwick.) we also didn't want to run the risk of missing a connection, so we booked the Hilton London Gatwick on the night before and after our flight to Bangkok.

    We had still points left from the Hilton Honors rewards program and used them for both nights.

    Arriving with Aer Lingus at London Gatwick's South Terminal we followed the signs to the hotel. It meant going to the parking garage and taking a lift.

    It wasn't our first stay. When we were last there we were impressed by the friendliness of the staff and our treatment as entrance Hilton Honors Blue members. We received an upgrade to a newly renovated room at the time. Only parts of the lobby had been accessible then due to building work. Now the hotel is completely renovated.

    As soon as we entered the hotel we encountered a nice atrium with Amy's Restaurant and Bar as center piece.

    There was also a Costa Coffee and Journey's Friend gift shop.

    At check in a few people were queuing in front of us, but it didn't take too long. We were welcomed as return guests (on both occasions) - even though it had been a few years back - and as Hilton Honors Gold members upgraded to an Executive Room with Executive Lounge access. We were pleased with this.

    The hotel is large with over 900 rooms, so to locate the room can be an issue (which lift to take) and the walk could be long.

    Besides Amy's there is also the Garden Restaurant and Charlie Fly's Sport's Bar. In room dining is 24 hours available. Starters begin at 7.50 GBP (ca. 9.45 Euro / 12.85 USD), pasta and pizza from 13 GBP (16.35 Euro / 22.25 USD), mains from 16.50 GBP (ca. 20.70 Euro/ 28.20 USD) and desserts from 8 GBP (ca. 10.05 Euro / 13.70 USD).

    Our first room was located on the 2nd floor of the new wing with views over the garden and another wing of the hotel, while the second room was on the fourth floor in the same wing. The layout was slightly different, but the color scheme in different shades of brown and furniture was the same.

    We had a queen-size bed, a chair with ottoman, coffee table, writing desk, credenza, large flat screen TV (with all important channels) and a wardrobe.

    The artwork was photographs depicting nature, like leaves.

    The tea/coffee making facilities were by Twinning’s Tea (Every day and peppermint) and Douwe Egberts Coffee, brown and white sugar and sweetener. The cups were by Villeroy and Boch.

    The mini bar contained Pago juices from Austria, which we liked and took all two of them, one was 2.95 GBP (ca. 3.70 Euro / 5.05 USD).

    The rest was more typical beverages like Coca Cola.

    There was a short hallway with a wooden floor, leading off to the bath room. The bed room was carpeted.

    The bath room was medium sized and tiled in different colors (green and white) and sizes. The bath tub and shower were separate and there was a sink and toilet. The first bath room was stocked with shampoo, conditioner and shower gel, while the other had also body lotion.

    Both rooms were good, but I thought the layout of the first room was slightly more comfortable and the shower a bit bigger.

    While my better half could sleep without any issues, I had problems. The pillows were too soft for me and didn't offer enough support.

    Otherwise the bed was comfortable.

    As Hilton Honors Gold Members we also received free internet access. It was spotty.

    During our second stay the hotel had issues with their computer system, so no swipe of the credit card could be taken and we didn't have access to the minibar and the internet log in didn't function at all.

    We were glad we had stopped at the Marks & Spencer's at the South Terminal to buy our dinner and a few beverages. We were too tired to bother going to the restaurant or order room service after our long flight from Bangkok, so the internet access wasn't that important and the drinks had been thank goodness already sorted.

    I also received an apology at check out when I mentioned the mini bar had been locked.

    The Executive Club Lounge is located on the 4th floor and easily to identify by the aquarium.

    The lounge is L-shaped and longer than wide. There is a reception area, stocked with newspapers and check in/check out facilities.

    The seating is restaurant style.

    The buffet during Happy Hour was small, but sufficient to make dinner out of it. There were cold cuts, vegetables, cheese, crackers, stuffed peppadew, rolls, bread stuffed with grilled vegetables, chicken wings and more.

    There was a small selection of non-alcoholic drinks including Strathmore still or sparkling water, Squash and other soft drinks and a small selection of liqueurs, wines and beers.

    The quality was good, so we were happy. During our second stay we missed the Happy Hour due to our late arrival.

    We went on both occasions to the breakfast and enjoyed especially the fresh strawberries. There were coffee, tea, two juices, cold cuts, smoked salmon, fruit salad, cheese, scrambled eggs, cereals and much more. The items were regularly replenished, even shortly before the breakfast service finished.

    Before our flight to Bangkok we arrived early; on our way back to Dublin we were there shortly before the breakfast service closed. We had already chosen our breakfast, when punctual at 10.30 hours the staff began carrying away the food without informing the guests. It would be nice if one of the hosts could go from table to table - maybe five minutes before - and advise they are clearing the buffet.

    Breakfast was quieter during our weekday stay. On the Sunday nearly all tables were taken.

    Wake up calls were delivered on time, so thumbs up for this.

    Check out was pleasant and without any issues.

    All staff encountered were very friendly and efficient.

    We like the location, comfort of the rooms, quality of food and the staff.

    The Hilton London Gatwick allowed us to travel without stress and arrive relaxed at our destination.

    Should we need in the future again a night or two at Gatwick we would love to stay here again.

    Would we stay at this hotel again? YES!
    Would we recommend this hotel to a friend? YES!
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    Thanks for the report with pix of the LGW Hilton. Appears to be similar to an ES with the rooms around a center atrium.
    Room seems okay but how do you fit two people on the small chair with the ottoman? No small sofa or loveseat in the room?

    Checking their website, I was glad to see that they still offer a few smoking rooms for us puffers, something that was never available at the LHR T-5 Hilton, and had been offered at the LHR T-4 Hilton for some time, but now appears to be also totally non-smoking. Will be useful for us if we travel through LGW.

    We always enjoy your reports and the included pix, keep them coming! (Even if the included food pictures always make me hungry! :rolleyes: ).
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    Really nice photos of hotels where you lived. These images are get me back to my old memory when I was went to Gatwick for a tour with my friends and we booked a hotel through online by a website as At that hotel we enjoyed and made fun so much and your food images reminded me that delicious dinner foods which I enjoyed with my friends. Those days are specials for me because it was first outdoor tour of my life.
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