Hilton Kensington Olympia report {shudder}

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    A rather attractive bar in the restaurant (which is
    mostly a breakfast room: Staropramen and a couple
    other commercial brands on tap.

    It was Valentine's night, so availability was probably
    limited, and I didn't say anything about the closetlike
    quarters I was assigned, just putting my bag in and
    going off to do stuff (mostly drink).

    This hotel consists of several buildings connected
    like a rabbit warren; the corridors, ill lit and
    ill-smelling, zig and zag, and as each building was
    built to different specifications. one might be on,
    say, floor 4 and go down a couple steps and find that
    one was now on floor 5. This is somewhat confusing.

    Returned tired and tipsy to a minibar making hideous
    noises (as if to say, you left me for a pub) that I
    resolved to ignore. But it turns out I couldn't do
    that, as someone had short-sheeted the bed - the
    employees must be disgruntled as the customers here
    - so I went downstairs to complain. The desk guy
    said that no rooms were available, so things rapidly
    escalated. I asked for the night manager; the desk
    clerk had said that the manager was out, and then
    when I said I'd wait, claimed that he was the manager,
    and luckily the real one showed up about when I had
    decided to throttle him. I made him come up to see
    the situation, by which time the minibar sounded
    as though a rock concert was going on inside, so
    he agreed the situation was impossible and came up
    with an empty, the excuse for their intransigeance
    being that they'd thought I was looking for a
    double room, and of course there was still a single
    in the house.

    The replacement was intrinsically noisier (but
    without a minibar concert) and perhaps even smaller,
    with a mildewy duvet on a lumpy, unattractive bed.
    I was too tired to complain further and was in a
    coma within a few minutes. Checked out of there
    as soon as I could. For my trouble I got nothing
    but a half-hearted apology and a promise by the day
    manager that next time I came (as if!) he would
    make sure I was taken care of.

    Breakfast: Full English in the downstairs
    restaurant, quite respectable, though not making
    up for the nastiness of the stay.

    Dear Hilton: this property should be cut loose
    from the chain and preferably razed or at the
    very least fumigated and converted into a prison.
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