Hilton Garden Inn Newburgh/Stewart Airport (Newburgh, NY) reviews

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    I had one stay here, and it will be my only one largely because of the ambivalence of the staff.

    There were some minor things like no status recognition, but I’ll spare those and give you the details of the two biggest ones:

    The roof was leaking in the breakfast area, and they did nothing to warn guests. We had a few appetizers and drinks the evening we checked in and noticed the roof was leaking around the outside walls due to the rain. We brought it to the attention of both the bartender and the front desk. The next morning at breakfast, all the tables and chairs near the walls had puddles and were getting still getting dripped on. They weren’t blocked off, and the Great American Grill staff wasn’t doing anything to warn unsuspecting people before they sat on wet chairs. I asked the desk why the hadn’t blocked off the tables in the drip zone, added warning signs, or moved some of the tables over to the other side of the lobby where the couches are. I swear the desk clerk gave a slight shrug as they said, “We’re working on getting it fixed.”

    There was an argument/domestic situation with a wedding party. At around 2am, I was woken by doors slamming and yelled comments which included “Why the hell are you marrying him?”, a lot of swearing both at least 5 voices, and other things I couldn’t understand. This went on long enough for my partner to insist on calling the desk. She said the answer she got was nothing more than “Thank you for letting us know.” And, given how long it went on after she called, I’m sure the desk did nothing. (As an aside, we figure out who they were at breakfast based on the voices, and they were the pictures of a d-bags…so I guess some stereotypes are appropriate at some times.

    Fortunately, there are 4 other HHonors properties within 7 miles of this hotel, so I’ll keep trying them until one get something better than a “meh” review.
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    For those who hate the HGI beds, the Homewood Suites is fairly decent here as is the Hampton Inn

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