Hilton Garden Inn Kansas City, Kansas reviews

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    There’s nothing wrong with this Hilton Garden Inn, there's just nothing special or positively remarkable about it either.
    • Rooms: They show their wear. They have old, big box TVs. One room had some strips of wall paper which were peeling. Another had a few scuffs and a couple little chunks missing on the wall. In one room, the shower would not get above “warm” in the morning. After reporting it to the desk, it got marginally better. I did not have this problem in other rooms.
    • Status Recognition: None, other than two bottles of free water, a verbal “We have your Hilton Diamond number on file, and a generic welcome letter tucked in with my keys.” One of my two stays, there was also a business card in my room with two Andies mints on top!
    • Restaurant: Menu is limited and fairly simple (sandwiches, burgers, soup, and a couple grilled meats), but it is also cheap for a hotel restaurant and the staff is friendly.
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