HIlton Garden Inn, 92 Peter Street, Toronto Ontario

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  1. I would have enjoyed my stay if it wasn't for the very annoying housekeeping staff. I checked in on Saturday and was staying until Monday. The Sunday morning maid did the right thing when she saw the the 'DO NOT DISTURB' sign on our door, she called the room at 12:30pm and asked if we needed any fresh towels or anything. The maid on Monday morning banged on our door at 9:45am (we were trying to sleep in being on vacation and all) then tried to ENTER the room!! Isn't regular checkout at NOON?! AND We had the DO NOT DISTURB sign CLEARLY displayed on the door. At that time, I called front desk and requested late checkout for 2pm, yet at 12:30pm the maid was banging at the door again and trying to enter our room completely ignoring the DO NOT DISTURB sign yet again! We ignored both attempts to enter our room, and thankfully had the deadbolt on. Is there no communication between front desk and housekeeping? Do the Housekeeping staff know what the DO NOT DISTURB sign means on a guests' door, or do they simply ignore it?! Then at 2pm on the dot another banging on the door from housekeeping and when my husband opened the door and explained that we were almost ready and checking out soon, housekeeping reported us to management, who in turn came up to the room minutes after! And to top it off I had made a call to the front desk to let them KNOW that we were running a little bit late. This made us feel disturbed, unwelcomed and rushed out of the room we had paid for! It ruined the relaxed mode we were in and we left the hotel feeling anxious and stressed, the exact opposite of what we were supposed to feel after paying The Hilton Garden Inn for a mini-vacation, celebrating a very special event!My husband and I are both writing reviews and this ENTIRE review (as well as his) will be posted on several websites. I will avoid the Hilton Garden Inn in future, housekeeping staff is very poorly trained and makes guests feel uncomfortable, harrassed and unwelcomed! WARNING: MAKE SURE YOUR DEADBOLT IS LOCKED, HOUSEKEEPING IGNORES THE DO NOT DISTURB SIGNS AND WALKS RIGHT INTO YOUR ROOM
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    A sad experience indeed!:(
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    :(Wow, sounds more like a military outpost than a hotel.
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    While the early attempt by the housekeeping staff to enter the room might have been handled better (how many time people check out with the do not disturbed sign on the door?), the later time is more understandable. The OP got late check out waiver (no status was mentioned but from the tone I assume there was none) and still missed the longer time they have gotten. The hotel need to keep functioning. I am sure housekeeping is not staffed 24/7 to accomplish room turn around to other guest. I have been in places where I slept in and housekeeping was completely gone by early afternoon How long should they wait to accommodate a very late check out? Maybe next time just book another night.

    And seriously, if the OP was almost ready to check out what was the disturbance caused by the housekeeping staff.

    Somewhat I am still bothered by first time poster complaining on such minor issues in such over the top posting.

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