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    The Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina, Take Two.

    This was our second stay at the Hilton Marina. The other stay being one night two years ago. This stay left a lot to be desired.

    Check in was too simple. We arrived about 9am off of a cruise ship and didn’t figure we’d have a room. This proved to be the case which is totally fair since check in is something like 3pm. We left our luggage which they gladly held and our phone number so they could call when the room would be ready. This was nice. We got the call about noon but were still out in a seminar for our convention. When we got back about 1pm for the room we gave our credit card and were given keys. No checking the rate on a form. No explanation of Diamond Benefits. No mention of welcome back nor our HHonors number being on file. Nothing. At least they had our bags sent up to our room. We had paid for a junior suite which was nearly double the convention rate because this is the room type I wanted to have for 3 nights. I always pay for what I want and any upgrade is bonus above that.

    Our room was a corner junior suite with a wraparound balcony. I must say I enjoyed the layout of the room. The modern décor, not so much. The bed is quite low to the floor which isn’t so much of a problem but the frame sticks out farther than the mattress so it easily gets kicked or banged and can injure if not paying attention. The living room section has a decent desk with plenty of outlets and also a large sectional. Out on the balcony were two chairs and a small table. We had a Northwest facing room which provided a view of downtown Fort Lauderdale as well as the Inter-coastal Waterway.
    One nice touch was that the TV was what split the bedroom from the living room and it was on a full swivel. This allowed me to wake up on our last morning at 3am to watch the Grand Prix of China without waking her up. Very cool feature.

    This leaves us with the bathroom. Disaster. It was dirty and grimy and just a mess. We put up with that somewhat as it was not going to change until the completely renovate the room. But the cake topper was the shower assembly. The flexible tubing going to the wand was broken and loose. The bracket for holding the wand upright was completely sheared off and sitting in the basket in the shower for the soap. We finally were able to get this fixed the next day as those working the desk at 8pm were completely either unwilling or unable to get maintenance up. Luckily for us the overhead rain head worked still or we would have been without a shower that night and next morning.

    And now were into the service. This was quite shameful. I am not one to throw around status or play the DYKWIA with anyone. I see the status as perks to things I have to do anyway and feel I earn my Diamond lightly via about 35 stays a year. But this was a case where all the little things really added up and made me wonder if this hotel cares at all. I am a Diamond. I am a travel agent who was there for a travel agent convention. The hotel was swarming with travel professionals and this was the best the hotel could manage for service? I asked for when I went to desk about the shower for a sheet describing the diamond benefits at the hotel. I was told by Tatiana whom I feel was the best of the staff I dealt with outside of the bellmen that if she could find something she would send it up. In other words she had no idea where to find it or what they were. The water in our room was clearly marked as $5 per bottle. I still have no idea if it should have been complementary and we ended up buying water at Walgreens. About breakfast I finally got vouchers the next morning from Tatiana for the stay and she expressed surprise I had not gotten them yet. Of course at this hotel breakfast is a continental breakfast and you must upgrade to the full buffet for $6 plus tax and 18% included gratuity per person. Basically breakfast still cost me $15 a day. We skipped it the third day of our stay. We were sitting outside in the pool area when we were asked by staff to leave so they could set up for a wedding. I don’t so much have a problem with functions but when you start taking amenities away from paying customers to host a few paying customers I have a problem. I do note however that the man who asked us to move was very polite about it. We also had issues with the housekeeping staff. We had an ever dwindling amount of washcloths and towels. The first morning/full day of our stay they didn’t clean the room until after 6pm and even then I had to chase them down to get washcloths as they had provided none.

    As I stated, the bellmen were wonderful. Tatiana was one of two at the front desk I felt could help me. I am sorry I didn’t catch the man’s name, but he both helped us when we arrived to take our bags and also when we checked out.

    We also had the opportunity to meet the sales manager for the hotel at the trade show for our convention. We expressed most of what is written here to her and she was immediately on her blackberry to attempt to get things fixed. We did notice when we returned to the hotel that night that things seemed much better. I will of course hold onto her card and I am forwarding this review via email to her. Before meeting her I was sure I would never stay at this hotel again. Now I’m not so sure. I can assure you I will never pay the rates I did again though.
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    Thank you for the detailed report stay....I know not to plan a stay at this Hilton....

    This is one of those few times I believe compensation is definitely due to a paying customer and that you should request it. In addition to not recognized/treated as being a Diamond with Hilton should be treated....(which varies widely amongst Hiltons and indeed is one of their biggest faults as a brand)....the bathroom issues were simply unacceptable for any hotel customer (paying or not).....

    If the hotel sales manager is worth her salt, she should be following this up with you on her own initiative....not yours.....
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