Hilton Clearwater or Doubletree?

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    I have one of those "it's too damn cold in NY" trips coming up, going to Tampa for the weekend in a couple of weeks.

    I'm throwing the nights at Hilton to work on the Gold re-qualification, and I'm wondering if anybody has recommendations for either the Hilton @ Clearwater (which seems like a sizeable property at 400+ rooms and 3 restaurants) or the Doubletree @ Redington Beach, about 3 miles away.

    I'm not terribly picky since it's one of those random weekend stays and I'm just going for the nice weather and probably the beach, but I was wondering if anybody has had any experience with either hotel and would choose one or the other.

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    I haven't stayed at either property...but typically get to Clearwater once a year (for Spring Training in March). The Hilton's location on Clearwater Beach is ideal. It's right next to the pier and the main traffic circle when you come across the bridge. There are many restaurants and shops within walking distance. There are quite a few vendors that setup shop along the pier - which I believe is nightly (every time I've been there to watch the sunset, they seem to be there - or just setting up). I don't stay on the Beach, but we usually go a few times. Keep in mind that the area surrounding the Hilton is VERY busy. I would definitely suggest requesting a room on the ocean as I would have to guess the rooms along the road would be quite noisy. Maybe there's good a good sound barrier - but I'm really not sure.

    I have never been to Redington Beach...so can't comment on that one. Hopefully other posters will jump in and help you out there :)
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    I have stayed at the Hilton Clearwater for a convention and it is very nice-- employees are first rate, good attitude from the front desk to the maintenance personnel. Also, the free breakfast for Gold status was quite good. I would say that it is in the heart of the beach area. Do not know anything about the Doubletree there.
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    I stayed at the Doubletree last May and liked it. It's more of a converted beach hotel than a true Doubletree but it's right on the beach and service is excellent.
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