Hilton Boston Logan Airport (Boston, MA) review

Discussion in 'Hilton | Honors' started by DAS02135, Dec 9, 2011.

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    I often having meetings at the Logan Hilton as well as the Embassy Suites at Logan Airport. For me, the Hilton Logan wins for location, having better food, and being nicer/upscale . If price is a concern, look at the Embassy Suites at Logan. It's often considerably less expensive and they've got a friendlier staff too!

    Here's what I like about the Hilton Boston Logan Airport:
    • It's on the airport property and connects to Terminals A & E via elevated walkways. From the lobby, it takes about 10 minutes to get to these terminals. If you're a fast walker, you can get to Terminals B and C in 15-20 minutes from your hotel room. While you don't need to wait for the shuttle, there is also a hotel shuttle that goes to each terminal.
    • The lounge has good food, nice views, and rarely has more than 5-10 people in it. I've never been in the lounge in the morning, but in the afternoon and evening it has never been crowded. In the evening, there are usually two or three hot items, veggies, cookies, petit four-type pastries, etc.
    • It has fast wireless. There are three available wireless speeds. The fastest is fast enough to stream Netflix without any problems, and it's free if you're a Gold or Diamond.
    • Nice views: On the high floors, the arm chairs by the elevators are a great place to watch the sunset as well as planes taking off and landing over the harbor.
    • The gym is very well equipped and laid out. There's a good amount of equipment, and the layout is better than most hotel gyms. I always tell myself I'm going to exercise a few times a week when traveling, and this is a hotel where I'm more likely to do it because it's well laid out.

    The neutral-to-bad:
    • The Embassy Suites is often considerably less expensive. Especially with the MVP rate (which seems to remain available longer at the ES), the Embassy Suites is often less expensive--sometimes by more than $100. This carries over to food as well, with the Hilton's restaurants and room service being pretty expensive (though fairly in-line with prices at other airport hotels in big cities).
    • None of the food options are available before 5:30am. The coffee shops in the lobby opens earliest (5:30am), with the restaurants and lounge I believe at 6. If you've got flight before 6:30, you're probably going to have to get food at the airport. The earliest Logan flight is usually 5:30.
    • No status recognition by front desk. Every time I've stayed here I've either been a Gold or Diamond member, and the desk folks have never acknowledged it with anything more than "We've got your Hilton Honors information on file." On the plus side, the Executive Floor has always been available with on-line check-in. If you're a gold, this is a big deal since it will get your lounge access.
    • The staff generally strikes me as aloof. With the exception of some of the housekeeping employees, I've often gotten the impression that the hotel's staff is "tolerating" my presence. They seem to say the bare minimum at check-in. The folks at the desk in the lounge don't acknowledge you when you come in (except sometimes they look up). Service is slow and inattentive at the restaurant.
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    Nice review, I agree with your thoughts. I tend to alternate between the Hilton and the Embassy depending on price. At times, the Hilton has been cheaper for some reason. I know this isn't an Embassy review but I do enjoy the gym at that hotel as well.
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    Must be my travel habits, but I've never been able to get the Hilton property at a rate equal to or lower than the Embassy
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    I stayed there a few years ago using points because I wanted to stay at the airport and the Hyatt was too expensive for that night.

    I liked it, I thought it was a very nice Hilton. At that time, I was chasing status in SPG and Hyatt and hadn't stayed at a Hilton in years.

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    as did I on points just 3 weeks ago. Great staff and as a lowly Silver I was upgraded to the executive floor :). The lounge was closed for the w/e but the gave me breakfast vouchers for both days. Unless one has a ton of luggage, I recommend walking to your terminal vs waiting for the hotel shuttle as it took me just over 8 minutes to walk to T-C (UA) and I'm a fast walker. As to wifi, Hilton's wifi is not free but the hotel is also an AT&T hotspot so if your provider is part of the AT&T family (mine us pacbell.net), you get free wifi (and it works in multiple devices as I had access on both my iPhone and laptop)
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    I've stayed at the Hilton several times and have been happy each time.
    I do agree, however, that the price is often quite high.

    Even if I don't get the exec floor they always give me access to the lounge. The lounge is pretty darn nice as well especially the view. Last time I got a very nice corner room.
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    I stay at Hilton Logan often because it's more convenient that ES. The rooms are fine, I like using the steam rooms and sauna, and the view from the lounge (especially early in the morning) is worthy of a photo. The lounge food is adequate, but nothing to write home about. Breakfast has the usual pastries, breads, and fruit and in the evenings there's cookies and often petits fours. I wish Hilton would realize that a lot of business people are on the first flight of the day and would appreciate having early morn lounge access - Hilton could have at least a skeleton staff of 1 open the lounge at 5am. Yeah, it's early but sometimes I think we HH members take care of them by throwing so much business their way, and they should take care of us by bumping the lounge experiences up from what's currently offered. Also on my dream wish-list would be an emphasis away from so much "bread" type stuff offered and instead offer yogurt that was the real deal rather than those pseudo-yogurt containers that's like liquid sugar. End of rant.
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    I stayed there on a paid stay on a Saturday night a few months ago. They upgraded me to a huge suite, living room was about 800-1000 square feet, separate large bedroom, two full baths. The suite had beautiful harbor views. The lounge wasn't open on the weekends, they sent some soft drinks up to the room and gave us vouchers for the Starbucks for breakfast.

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