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    Hilton Bath City
    People love to hate this hotel. Look at the
    reviews out there: dingy, dark, depressing,
    dated, dilapidated, blah, blah.

    And when we trundled our traps up Walcott
    Street and beheld the gray East German-style
    monstrosity looming before us, we prayed that
    appearances would be deceiving.

    The lobby is all right, I suppose, at least
    with big windows and decorated in lightish
    colors. The living room has a few tables, hard
    chairs, and a couple (pay per use) computers.

    Reception staff were about as welcoming as
    could be expected, given that they were
    understaffed and the phones rang nonstop.

    The small, European-style elevators were
    idiosyncratic and borderline scary, and I
    learned the benefits of fire stairs soon enough.

    Pressing 2 led me to a corridor that smelled
    a bit of old disused Victorian-era manse; this
    passage twisted and turned, and I thought,
    shades of the Kensington Olympia, which has
    to be the worst property in the program. But
    at last one passes through the second of a
    pair of fire doors (this one marked Suites)
    and to the end, and voila, an L-shaped corner
    suitish arrangement, living area with slightly
    rickety table (antique?) and two rickety chairs,
    two double beds, with big windows overlooking
    the historic Avon, which is actually sort of
    muddy and unprepossessing, but, what the hey,
    Shakespeare peed here. Oh, another Avon, well,
    that explains it.

    The beds (from a sample of one) were pretty
    comfortable. Lighting was somewhat dim, except
    in the bathroom, where it was like an interrogation
    lamp, and the switches counterintuitive.

    The bathroom itself was clean but had seen better
    days, and the plumbing growled and clanked
    endlessly. As did the heat, a radiator that was
    cranked to full on arrival but luckily could be
    turned off.

    IBahn wired Internet didn't work, for which I got
    2 1-hour coupons for the costly Internet in the
    lobby with the promise of more if I needed them,
    which I didn't.

    Diamond amenity: plate of sweets; two additional
    shortbread squares from a local bakery; two little
    boxes each containing one dark chocolate truffle
    and one white one; two bottles of Strathmore water.

    Bar: a fair range of mass-market beers.

    Breakfast: Full English in the downstairs
    restaurant - pretty decent for steam-table
    food. Eggs to order on request. Service decent.

    Other good points: 10 minute walk north from bus
    and train stations; Pig and Fiddle pub 1 block away.
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    Thanks for posting - I hope to get back to Bath in the not-too-distant future and am glad to know that this Hilton is "good enough".
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    I agree with the 'good enough' statement. Unlike some other destinations where a well-known chain hotel will charge much more than the local hotels which are just as or nearly as good, we found the Hilton Bath to be very well priced and with free internet & breakfast thrown in due to status, it made our choice very easy. We've enjoyed our stays the few times we've stayed here.

    Is haggis still on the breakfast buffet?
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    No haggis, this time, sorry. I'd have enjoyed that.
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    Thanks for the report. Fortunately, Bath is small enough one can walk nearly anywhere - and "good enough " is OK, given nobody comes here to see a hotel. [​IMG]
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    It's all about the pubs!

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