High tech hotels use tablets to let guests control lighting, music, room service and concierge

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    Ready to put on some mood lighting and order drinks? Many hotels will let you do customize your stay through a touch screen.


    A MoodPad ambient controller, which is used in some hotels to change lighting, room temperature and as a remote control.
    From tablets that double as remote controls to ambient lighting and soundtracks that enhance wellbeing and aid recovery from jetlag, technology -- especially touch interface technology -- now plays a crucial role in providing guests with a perfect hotel experience.
    Hotels and new technology do not always make good bedfellows, as British entrepreneur Simon Woodroffe whose ventures include Yo!Sushi and now YOTEL explains: "I use technology only when it is the best way to do the job -- If I want to turn a light on I use a switch -- everybody knows how that works but if I want to set a mood I will use something that thinks that out for me but I'll still try and use the switch. My point is [when designing a hotel] don't try and be too far ahead of the game, wait till people know how to use things before you install them or give them a simple alternative. I've been in rooms where I couldn't turn the light off to go to sleep it was so complicated. That is also why I find a proven technology in another field and transfer it to what I'm doing so it is only new in that arena."
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    Even though I seldom watch TV in my hotel room, I love using the Lodge Net App when I can. TV Guide, volume control, channel switcher.....it's great.

    I can easily see down the road an app for major hotel brands that will include key access via bluetooth and other items. It would be a cost-saver to the hotels, so the incentive is there.

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