Hidden rental car fees catch consumers when they are vulnerable

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    When Frank Keel last rented a car at the Salt Lake City International Airport, he had a surprise waiting for him.

    "They tacked a fee on that wasn't quoted in the online reservation," says Keel, a federal government employee who rents about 30 cars a year.

    Keel complained, but agents at the rental place said they couldn't do anything about it.
    He asked what the charge was for and was told, "This is for the wheels on the car."
    "I've seen some ridiculous fees, but this beats them all," he says.

    Car rentals are a $23.63 billion industry in the United States, with 1,857,000 cars in service in 2012, according to Car Rental News. That is $7.2 billion more in revenue than 10 years earlier. As renting cars becomes more accessible and as fees expand, it becomes more important to know how to save money and avoid fees and getting stuck with unexpected charges that can run into the thousands of dollars.

    Read More: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/...onsumers-when-they-are-vulnerable.html?pg=all
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