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    Last week I used Hertz at MEX T2. Like many Hertz LatAm operations it's a franchise (this one operated by AVASA).

    Some of you will know that Mexican car rental is cheap and especially now it is with the MXP exchange rate approaching 19 to the yanqui dolar.

    Service was polite and efficient. I had read reports from years back of Mexico Hertz locations causing issues but my recent experiences both here and at the CUN location have been positive.

    I concluded two separate rentals with no attempted rip-offs/surcharges, charges as stated, bonus 1K MP points posting. Quite efficient. All in all, a good experience in terms of the contracting. There's even a golf cart to take you from Hertz desk through the terminal to the Hertz parking lot.

    As for the driving experience...well, the first rental, a compact Chevy, was rather worn and tired for its 38k kms...didn't drive the best, but did the job. When climbing Paseo Cima it ran out of power rather too easily. The second time, I paid the 10 USD upcharge for a Passat which was very new - maybe, too new for MEX because I always worry about scratches on such new vehicles. They rented this with 6/8 fuel, which was correctly noted on departure. Although the agent was accurate with the estimation, I find this procedure of renting with less than a full tank annoying because trying to gauge return fuel level after a few days is always a challenge and I always end up putting in more fuel in than I rented with.

    Although I highly recommend exploring Central Mexico by road, driving in MEX is not for gringo/as with no cojones - real, or metaphorical in case of the female readers following shark postings :) The actual rental return area at T2 is easy to find - last turn right before the front-of-terminal pax drop/pickup rotary area. For those returning here, there's a PEMEX gas station right before the sharp T2 exit turn but as always when driving in urban Valle de Mexico you need to position in the correct lane in good time to avoid conflicts.

    The satnav data layers have improved since I first used this location in ~2008, but there are still a couple of doozies including the incorrect T2 return path which requires a prompt U-turn directly opposite the actual T2 entrance in spite of satnav urging you to continue for another 3km along Blvd Fuerza Aerea/Lebrija.

    If you want to use metro to downtown/CH, it's easier to walk to Pantitlan station and ride to Isabella C on the south side of CH. Unlike Hangares or Terminal Aerea stops, this plan involves no line changes and only takes ~25 mins onboard. Even better, the current discounted Metro rate of 5 MXP means it's about the cheapest major airport-downtown link anywhere in the world.

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