Hertz @ GIG: ok if you can find it

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    See the MEX review for the general overview of how this works. The GIG operation is also franchise, it has many older/tired cars.... but it is also very cheap. I like that deal!

    The rental was conducted without hassles, at least from the contracting viewpoint, although driving from the Hertz location at GIG to Barra across the entire Rio conurbation at night in a wild thunderstorm is not recommended. As regular readers know, I'm not only an
    [​IMG]experienced frequent flyer of international airlines [​IMG]- muahahaha!- but also an experienced frequent renter of international franchises in places like BOG, MEX, BCN, BKK and KUL.... and I can say this experience was 9/10 on the driving difficulty scale. I would almost rather have remained onboard the 06 318 on which I arrived during the thunderstorm than experience this drive. The Hilton Barra is not correctly located by GMap US although GM.BR has a better version so be careful or you will drive pointlessly for hours around the enormous new rabbit-warren New York Mall at Barra Tijuca looking fruitlessly for the Hilton...be happy if the area is not flooded!

    After this rather stressful drive at night, I allowed myself 2.5 hours for the return but the next day was sunny, quiet and with all the impeachment protests happening at Copa, I was able to traverse the toll road with no delay and minimal traffic back to GIG in 45 mins. Just as well because once at Bahia Guanabara and the GIG island, finding the Hertz lair took a little longer - it's right by the military airbase on a not-well-signposted offramp and if you miss it you basically need to circle the entire airport again to return.

    Trivial observation: the Olympic Park at Barra does not look by any means ready yet...

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