here's Rupert with new promises

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    “The idea was to get more from the banks so we can buy better rewards, and we’ve done that.”

    He said that analysts “don’t necessarily like that short-term, long-term trade-off, but we made it for the long term because otherwise people like (ordinary Canadians) wouldn’t accumulate points.”

    Distinction, however, is a premium program for Aeroplan’s top point accumulators. Duchesne did not say how many Aeroplan participants would qualify for the new program.

    Many members are highly critical of Aeroplan on loyalty-program review websites, charging that it’s difficult to book seats and that the number of points needed for a particular flight jumps arbitrarily.

    “Time will tell,” said Duchesne. “The way you’ll be able to tell is if the top line (revenues) grows. If people are using their credit cards, accumulating miles, that’s the perfect barometer. They wouldn’t if they weren’t getting what they want.”
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    He has to talk the stock up. It's been in the doldrums of late, though think it (and AC which passed the $10 mark once more today) was up today. Of course they can't reveal the number of Distinction elites (at least not by tier) since that would correspond somewhat with AC's elite numbers, which it won't release. Though AE's numbers would be somewhat inflated since so many would have earned their status from those credit card sign up bonuses.

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