Here’s Why US Airlines Charge for Lounge Membership

Discussion in 'Blogstand' started by BoardingArea, Aug 9, 2014.

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    Yesterday tommy777 went on an epic rant about US airline lounges and American’s clubs in particular. There’s no question that US airline lounges do not compare to their Asian counterparts. I’d disagree that European lounges in general are superior. I’ve been to too many contract lounges, shared lounges, and even some airline operated lounges in […] The post Here’s Why US Airlines Charge for Lounge Membership appeared first on View from the Wing. Related StoriesThe Airline That Hates ElitesMiami is the Airport of the Year! The Most Bizarre Passengers! The Best Korean Food..Here’s American’s New Airport Lounge Strategy, and What Makes an Airline’s Lounge Indispensable (No Matter How Good the Alternatives)

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    I wonder why the airlines didn't go with the class of service model (aka European/Asian lounges) and instead went paid membership. I agree that w the revenue model now that there is no going back.
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    Well do we absolutely have to copy everything the Europeans do? :rolleyes: The club concept in the rest of the world based on class of service is partly based on the ":we are the upper class, snobbery" some foreign airlines try to present to the public coupled with the mind-set one finds quite prevalent on those boards with the "we always fly first class " folks.
    Just take a look at the FT BA board and you will find far more discussion on lounges and trip reports showing the food in lounges than actual discussion about flights/aircraft and any other related topics to that strange thing known as flying on an airline.

    Perhaps the best model would be that which is common in Australia where the clubs are a paid amenity but one can also enter based on class of service.

    But please save me the " US airlines clubs are crap" nonsense. They serve a different segment of the flying public.
    Try getting help/rerouted etc in irregular ops or the like in one of those super-duper foreign clubs.

    My PAID Admiral Club membership serves just fine when I am travelling MIA/DFW/SFO on a coach ticket.
    Not everybody here travels in premium classes on every flight. I don't need champagne or caviar to get the best use of the club.
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