Helpful Italian Phrases while in Florence

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  1. Florence being an international city and almost everyone is able to speak a bit of English. It is always good to keep some phrases in your back pocket to try to use the language. Italians are always happy to hear a foreigner speaking their language. As I tell my students, if you are able to communicate you have conquered one barrier. As you might not pronounce the words correctly it is important to just try.

    Italian phrases can be useful when you travel.

    Ciao! = Hello and Goodbye (informal)
    Salve! = Hello (formal)
    Arrivederci = Goodbye (formal)
    Come stai? = How are you? (informal)
    Come sta? = How are you? (formal)
    Grazie! = Thank you!
    Grazie Mille! = Thanks a million!
    Prego = Your welcome
    Dov`e` il bagno? = Where is the bathroom?
    Dove…? =Where is…?
    Non lo so. = I don’t know.
    Si = Yes
    No = No (easy!)
    Forse = Maybe
    Sono americana/o. = I am American (ending in an “a” is female, in an “o” is male)
    Non ho capito. = I don’t understand.

    Try and speak the language, it is always welcome.

    Vabene = Ok
    Per favore = Please
    Mi scusi = Excuse me (formal)
    Mi dispiace = I’m sorry
    Non importa = It doesn’t matter
    Buon giorno = Good Morning
    Buona sera = Good Evening
    Buona notte = Good Night
    These phrases and greetings, I suggest memorizing, if only to use a few when you are in Florence. Speaking Italian while in Italy will be a challenge but a courtesy to locals who hear English all the time. Don’t fret, give it a try! :)
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