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    Hi everyone,

    I have a couple questions that I'm hoping the United experts can help me with! My wife is flying IAD-ZRH tomorrow on UA, then connecting to a LX flight in Zurich going to DAR. My questions are:

    1. Will she receive her Swiss boarding pass when she checks in at Dulles?
    2. She has a 1h40min scheduled connection time--is this a safe amount of time for her, particularly if she has to find a transfer desk to get her LX boarding pass in Zurich?

    Any other tips I can give her about transferring in Zurich?

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    1. Assuming that all flights are on the same PNR, then the answer is yes, in theory. In reality, the cross-Star Alliance checkin process is sometimes unreliable. Most likely, she'll receive her boarding passes with seats assignments all the way. However, the checkin agent might be unable to assign seats on the Swiss legs (if your wife doesn't have a seat already) and/or might be unable to print the BP. No matter what, her bags will be checked in all the way to DAR. That part is reliable.

    2. ZRH is a really nice, modern, easy to navigate airport and she should be okay.

    Two tips which apply to all intra-Star Alliance transfers:
    • If your wife needs to get a BP re-issued in ZRH for whatever reason (because she didn't get it initially, or because LX won't take the BP printed by UA) then she should present her bag claim checks at the transfer desk and ensure that the agent associates her bags with her LX PNR. This can save her from a lot of potential trouble.
    • Also, if your wife has lounge access, then she should pop in and ask an agent to reprint her BP; it helps at time to have airline specific BPs. Never had issues in ZRH but I remember instances in SYD and LHR where other Star Allance airlines somehow couldn't read UA BPs (but that might have been before barcodes were widely used.) Good lounge agents will always offer to reprint BPs.

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