Help with Reward Tickets - Trip to Africa for 4

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    My parents, my wife, and I are planning to take a roughly two week trip to Africa for a safari in the summer/fall 2013. I'm lucky enough to have my dad footing the bill, but he's looking for me to help out with using points as much as possible to get us there and to plan the trip. I'm hoping some of you guys can help me out.

    My thought is try to find flight availability while simultaneously searching for safari tours that match up with the location of flights (or get us close). I took advantage of the US Airways share miles bonus last month to try to get enough US miles get close to 2 Biz, 2 Econ tickets to Africa (after 2 soon to be credit card signups), but I began thinking United could be a possibility as well. If you guys have any other suggestions, let me know.

    Thread Goals:
    - Determine credit cards for current churn to help top up accounts
    - Determine best places to fly into for the safari
    - Determine stopover possibilities on the way in/out of Africa

    Trip Goals:
    - All 4 of us on the same flights, even if 2 of us have to buy the ticket (I may be able to talk my dad out of this if we can get 2 pairs of award tickets within a day or 2 of each other)
    - 2 tickets in biz, 2 in econ (ideally it'd be all 4 in biz, but I don't think we've got the points for that)
    - If no biz availability (or not enough points), then 4 in econ
    - Flying from MCI, but positioning flights are ok (we have Southwest points to use if needed)

    Miles / Points Available:

    Total UR points across all accounts: 100k

    Account 1
    American - 90k
    Avios - 170k
    US Airways - 115k
    SPG - 40k

    Account 2
    American - 50k
    US Airways - 100k (thinking about looking into the targeted 15k bonus for $750 spend/month

    Account 3
    US Airways - 30k (+40k with soon to come credit card)

    Account 4
    US Airways - 30k (+40k with soon to come credit card)

    Credit Cards
    All accounts have the Sapphire Preferred already. Business cards are possible for Accounts 1&2, but high spends are a slight concern. Ink/Bold are possibilities for Accounts 1 & 2 (rumors of the spend dropping makes that card a little more doable). SPG personal is possible for Accounts 2,3,4. SPG Biz is possible for Account 1. United Explorer is possible for 3 of the accounts (just a few orphan United miles in 2 of the accounts currently). Accounts 3 & 4 could do the AA 2 card trick, but I don't think OneWorld is much of a possibility for this trip.
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    We did a safari in Greater Kruger earlier this year and had a great time. I can't help you with USAir and United (we did Delta) but we flew into Johannesburg and rented a car. Everyone else we met at our camp flew into Hoedspruit. We were on the southern part of Kruger.

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