Help with booking One World RTW starting in another country

Discussion in 'Newbies' started by hkellman, May 1, 2011.

  1. We are American, and trying to book a round the world ticket with One World. We have been told and seen that it is much cheaper to start the ticket in a different country, and have set up the ticket to start in Spain. After setting up the full itinerary on the One World on-line tool, putting in our credit card details, we get a 9015 error saying there was a problem with our booking. American Airlines (in the US) is unhelpful, generally referring us to Quantas, who while nice, don't seem to know how the on-line tool works and quote us much higher fares.

    Can someone advise on the best way to book this ticket, starting in Spain, and getting the price that the on-line tool has quoted us. Thank you.
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    Could it be possible that since your credit card is american based (assuming this since you say you're American) and when you try to book a trip starting in a country outside the US that OneWorld doesnt allow for a RTW for a US citizen to start outside the US?

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