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Discussion in 'General Discussion | Travel' started by rodeojones, Mar 31, 2014.

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    Sorry if this is the wrong forum, mods feel free to move.

    Looking for help using 102K US Dividend miles to Europe in Biz. I know, the best time was pre-merger and without going into too many details, I was trying to use a booking service and it fell through and was too late to book while with *A.

    That being said, goal to get my son to Europe this August in saverbiz for 100K r/t. Aug 5 - Aug 21 + or - a few days.


    FCO just isn't available and the only OW I see flying into LJU is Finnish Air with close to zero availability. So now I am just trying to get him close to LJU and have hit a wall and looking for some ideas. I looked at flying in and out of DUB via Helsinki on AYI but am running into stop over rule issues. For example 08/08 SEA-ORD-HEL landing on 08/09 at 0830 hours. The one flight leaving to DUB left a 0810 and the next doesn't leave until the following day at 1655 hours which exceeds the 24 hour rule.

    Best I have been able to find is SEA-ORD-HEL-BUD. If I could get him closer then Budapest that would be nice.

    Thanks all.
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    Closer isn't necessarily better, especially if you're hoping to complete the routing with an LCC. I'd look at what the reasonably options on that front are and then try to fill in from there.

    SkyScanner is your friend. :-:
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