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Discussion in 'oneworld' started by leew, Mar 18, 2012.

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    We (2 tickets) have 150k AA pts total and planning to visit at least Paris, London and Portugal (can be in any order) sometime between October and early Nov 2012 before getting too cold. We have about 16 days off from work. On my return to HNL, I want to stop in LAX for 2 nites without using more miles. What would you suggest to do? I don't want to pay too much tax or fuel charge so BA is out for me, right? (or does BA only charge fuel charge from europe? or do they charge for both to and from Europe?)

    Thanks so much for your help.
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    You don't have enough for two Y class OW awards, which would allow multiple stops. This means that you will have to redeem for traditional awards to a single destination and find your own way between locations, either by taking the train, purchasing tickets, or using your left over miles.

    With 150K AA miles you have the following options:

    Do the whole trip in Economy - If you leave after Oct 15 each ticket is going to be 20K in each direction, so for the two of you a total of 80K miles. That leaves you 70K for a future trip or for you to use to get to CDG and Portugal (LIS? OPO?).

    Do half the trip in business, and return in economy - Business awards between North America and Europe are 50K each way (100K total for 2 of you one way). Y awards being 20K after Oct 15, the 50K you have left over will cover your 2nd leg with 10K left over.

    With regards to BA, they charge YQ on all awards, so if you want to avoid additional fees you should avoid BA. Also, if you want a free stop in LAX, you need to depart Europe from a city that has a direct flight to LAX. You can only have a free stop over at the North American gateway, so you need to leave Europe and land at LAX. That means LHR (AA), CDG (TN) or MAD (IB).

    The route is ultimately up to you, but if I were in your shoes here's what I'd do for each option .....

    All Economy: HNL-LAX-LHR. Stop and tour. Find a cheap air ticket from London (LHR/STN/LGW/LTN) into wherever in Portugal you are looking to visit. Stop and tour. From there, take a train trip back to Paris (tips on train travel in Europe or anywhere really, it's a fantastic site: LINK.) Stop and tour. Fly ORY-MAD on IB and then connect to MAD-LAX on IB. Stop in LAX for 2 days for your free stop over, then connect to AA LAX-HNL.

    Half Business, Half Economy: Fly HNL-DFW on AA so you can experience the international angled flat business class product. Connect DFW-LHR on AA (not BA, avoid those YQ!). The rest I would do essentially the same as above.

    If you wanted to use your left over miles to get between locations in the "All Economy" option, you could look at IB or AY and AB flights for 10K one way. Honestly though, you can get cheap flights or train tickets with enough planning that it's worth saving the miles for another trip, IMHO.

    That's just my take on things, I'm sure others will have other ideas and suggestions. Either way, enjoy your trip!!!! :)
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    if this is a first trip to these places, IMO two weeks plus a weekend is hardly enough to do London, Paris, and Portugal. At this time of year, London and Paris are likely to be cold, damp, chilly, and rainy. I would suggest focusing on only two of the three, remember you lose time flying and will be exhausted from jet lag, or alternatively thinking of alternatives that will be pleasant at this time of year, such as Greek Islands or southern France that are likely to be in low season but still be open.
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