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    I tried to search and see if this or something like it was out there and didn't see it, so if its already been discussed, just point me in the right direction! My question is this, I got 2 RDU's for the first time this year, and hoping to use them to upgrade a flight for me and my wife to/from Cancun. I haven't booked the travel yet, my plan is to get us first class both ways, hopefully using RDU's first, then miles. How do I tell if I will immediately clear an RDU? i.e. how do I know if there are upgradeable seats on the flight? Will they clear on an award ticket? My dates are somewhat flexible so want the cheapest ticket using miles as I can, but there seems from reading blogs that there is likely a way to see which flights would immediately clear an upgrade. Can someone help me out here? I am a total newbie with all this stuff!!!! Thanks in advance!!!
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