Help request on flight delays.

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    Recently my family and I travelled to Newark from London. All was good until we came back. Flight from Newark to Porto was ok but we got stranded in the airport for 7 hours and then taken to hotel for few hours. The airline we travelled was TAP Air Portugal. I travelled with my 2 children and wife.

    I would like to know if I was to get compensation then do I apply from Newark to London or from Porto to London as this is where the delay was. The connection flight was from Porto but the journey was on the same airline.

    Would be very happy if someone can give some guidance. Have looked on the internet and unable to find info.
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    Maybe you could share a bit more insight, why delay occured, what was the cause (at least cause given to you), how was airline handing the situation, what fare class were you flying...?
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    I found this right away:

    Make sure to read #3 in the FAQ, but if the delay was in any way the fault of the airline (including mechanical problems due to maintenance) then you are probably entitled to some monetary compensation.

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