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    Hi everyone,

    I'm flying WN for the first time ever next week for work. I'm on flights booked via AirTran. The first leg (DEN-BWI) is operated by WN, second leg (BWI-NAS) is on AirTran. I'm curious about check-in for the WN segment, since that will determine my boarding position. I'd love to buy the early bird checkin, but my res doesn't show up on the WN site.

    Further complicating my question, since it is an Int'l itinerary, will I even be able to OLCI?

    Thanks for the help - I'm a UA guy so I'm in the dark on these carriers.
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    Why not give Southwest a call? They should be able to answer your questions definitively (as well as confirm that Air Tran properly booked your Southwest segment).

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