Help Please! Need 5K Mileage Run to make DA Diamond!

Discussion in 'Mileage Runs/Travel Hacking' started by jayd6169, Dec 9, 2015.

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    DL= Delta. Sorry for the mistake.
    Hi all. I'm throwing myself on the mercy of the forum and hoping someone takes on this small project. It would be greatly appreciated!
    I'm Platinum right now. To be exact, I'm 4,720 miles short. I've studied up and have been trying to use ITA, Google, Hopper, and various forums to build a mileage run. I wanted to get my miles departing ABQ while visiting DEN on the 29th and making it to LAX on before the 31st (wanted to ring in the new year there). But all of my attempts have put me about 100-300 miles short. Of course there are other options but they are so costly. So what am I asking assistance on?
    1. Is there a run that will get to my desired destinations and dates below an extreme maximum of $600?
    2. Is there or what could be a run out of ABQ that would get me my total that is cost effective?
    $600 is my extreme limit but cheaper is always best. I'd be eternally grateful for any tips, tricks, ideas, or runs. Thank you!

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