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Discussion in 'United Airlines | MileagePlus' started by EyeOnTheSkies, Dec 6, 2011.

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    Need some advice here...
    Had a ticket to YYC from DEN. Volunteered twice. Was needed twice. The third flight they put me on was cancelled. Couldn't be rebooked until tomorrow PM so I said hey, I've got an idea, I have a ticket to EWR why don't we use that to get to EWR and then make the other ticket to YYC on AC from EWR, it will get me in 12 hours earlier. The agent agreed but when rebooking me, he put my EWR reservation on the YYC ticket. I pointed this out to the elite line who told me to see the GA on the EWR flight but she said she couldn't exchange the ticket for some reason so I had to get on or get left behind. I landed in EWR with no AC Rez AND no coupons left.
    EWR is home for me so I just went to sleep after getting nowhere with an SD, although my record was documented.
    Other info: it's 005 stock but UA rebooking the YYC ticket turned it into 016 stock.
    The EWR ticket was a 99 dollar L fare, the YYC was a 750 dollar B fare.
    I wanted to know if any of these are feasible
    A) get a refund on the YYC ticket as it was refundable and somehow get them to acknowledge that in reality I just used the EWR ticket and the person in Denver messed up.
    B) get to fly to YYC by reissuing the coupons
    C) write in and try to get a flight credit roughly equal to the value of the ticket as a goodwill gesture or something of that nature.
    D) dispute the charge with my cc company.

    Also, do I deal with UA as they did the rebooking or CO as they are who I paid?
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    It sounds like you need a UA agent at EWR or a UA phone agent to get you a ticket from NYC to YYC.

    You have a UA ticket; anyone who looks will see that the method of payment is "INVOL" and they ought to be nicer to you, since you're traveling as a denied-boarding passenger who was able to help improve operational efficiency for the company elsewhere in the system.

    Enjoy your $800 in travel credits. After you get to YYC, you might take a minute to compute your effective $ per hour.
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    Lets see if I got this straight.
    You had a B fare ticket on UA (flying AC) DEN-YYC
    You took two bumps

    Then you also had a DEN-EWR ticket on CO on an L Fare

    You flew DEN-EWR closing out the CO ticket.
    Now UA won't honor the EWR-YYC re-route.

    Setting aside how you got the GA to honor the DEN-EWR ticket. We're dealing with the DEN-YYC ticket.

    1. The DEN-YYC ticket was just for that, DEN-YYC. There is no way UA will turn that into EWR-YYC.
    2. Airlines can only push tickets. IE when the carrier UA reroutes on another carrier, they have to build a new reservation on the new carrier. It sounds like there was a problem here.
    3. Your B fare is non-refundable.
    4. UA has an obligation to get you from DEN-YYC

    1. The ticket is non-refundable, disputing the charge with your CC will get you nowhere.
    2. Call the elite desk (assuming you have status) and explain that re-route got messed up and see if they will be willing to wave the change fee on using the ticket value and book a new ticket.
    3. Eat the 150.00 change fee.
    4. If UA is totally unwilling to help you, you can sue in small claims court.

    Promise me whatever you do in the future, NEVER EVER MIX TICKETS AGAIN.
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    A few clarifications:
    DEN-YYC is operated by UAx SkyWest. Their agent at Gate 84 CS in Den did the rebooking.
    I'm CO Plat.
    The only reason the ticket should be refundable is due to the cancellation.
    Flying DEN-EWR closed out the ticket, but the wrong one. I still have an unused 99 dollar L ticket to EWR but the 816 dollar B ticket was applied to DEN-EWR. Will report back in the AM how it goes.
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    Just reading this, and I'm curious... Did they resolve it for you? I have some equally confusing changes, albeit different circumstances that need to be resolved. I got nowhere on my first attempt with Continental's "Customer Relations" department. Everyone at CO was beyond helpful - fantastically exceeding expectations - until I got to this individual of less-than-average intellect who apparently has too much control over the money.

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