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  1. Ok, I know. A vague title from a newbie. Sorry.

    Sob story on: I am a DL DM (charter) and got laid off at the end of April. Haven't flown since, but have 70k and 49 segments this year. I am traveling this Wednesday and will get to 75k, so I'll get PM. Even if I get the job, I won't be traveling enough to get DM by EOY. Sob story off.

    I'd like to do a few MRs to get back to DM. I don't know the tricks, codes, riddle deciphering techniques, etc. and the year is quickly drawing to a close. I can do MRs pretty much any day prior to Oct 31 (based on hinted start date for new job). After that, it's weekend only.

    I realize that the information is there, but for the newbie, it would take a lot of time to dig through and decipher. I know that's there for a reason. Anyone who would be willing to coach me via PM would be great. I'm not looking for someone to find good MRs for me. I can do the leg work but I don't know where to begin. I saw an article on FoxNews where one of the MP creators did a 35k run for $320. I'm sure that is an anomaly but obviously the cheaper the better. I'm flying out of TYS, so that makes things more interesting, as I see cheaper rates elsewhere all the time, so my location is a semi-limiting factor.

    Anyone with lots of MR experience willing to take me under their wing and show me the ropes as a Cliff's Notes version of the boards?


    Desperate in TYS
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  2. Ok, so to see if I'm getting anywhere on this learning curve thing. I went to everyone's favorite search site and found a route I want some input on. I start as a volunteer and end up as the biggest thanksgiving feathered creature. YQ is $420 all on metal based in home of the braves. What to do for a FD? PM if you need details, can give me tips, or to let me know I have no clue. Thanks.
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    Welcome to MP !!! I assume you have already been browing the Delta forum....?
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    Welcome to MP...50k in the next 9 weeks or so....could be quite a bit! What about staying PM and having a good roll over for next year and possibly back to DM?

    Of course, this really depends on your flying patterns - domestic, int'l, etc.

  5. Since I'm trying to do a serious MR, I thought this forum would be better than the Delta one. The route I was looking at calculates to 31,417 MQMs, and as a DM, 70,688 RDMs, even on a L ticket. I'm wiling to fly domestic or int'l to get the 50k. I just need to get up to speed quickly on FDing. Can anyone tutor me? I'm digging through the TrickIt thread and getting pieces here and there, but I need the accelerated class. :) I've always wanted to do this, but never really knew where to begin, so once I know how, I'll be a contributor to the boards. I can't contribute to something I don't know.

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