Help: MR to Asia on UA/CO Tricks welcome

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  1. I am looking for an MR to Asia in late August or Early September. A mileage "jog" where I stay for a while will also work. The fares are quite expensive. Does anyone know of any special or sale fares? If someone knows a "trick," I would welcome that as I have read through much here and on Flyer Talk and I probably don't understand how to do it because nothing I try works. If you have specific suggestions for itineraries, feel free to PM me. If at all possible, I would like an upgradable fare, such as a "W." Thanks!
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    Roughly how much money for airfare and how many miles are the goal? What is your home airport? How long do you want the trip to last?

    You might start by looking at Tokyo fares as one suspects that travel is down in the aftermath of the quake. Earlier in the summer, there had been excellent deals to HND but I'm not sure what's still available.

    SIN is usually a good destination that carries a lot of miles. Six months ago there seemed to be some excess capacity to PVG, so you might find bargains in fares to Shangahi.

    If you fly on any Asian carriers, including codeshares, be very careful about the mileage earnings of various fare classes.
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  3. Thanks. There was a great deal from PVG, but you had to start there and it is gone. Tokyo is not that cheap. So the best routes would be to BKK or SIN or SGN. These are all routes that UA flies. Both would get me close to 20K miles. I can stay around two weeks, maybe longer. I can also go and come from different airport, here and in Asia. My airports are DCA (closest), IAD (where most of the international flights leave from) and BWI. In a pinch, I could get up to PHL or NYC (LGA/JFK/EWR). I would like to keep it less than $1500; closer to $1000 would be great. And I would like to go in late August or early September.

    Thanks much
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  4. When I gave you the amounts, I am trying to get into W class so I can get an upgrade. I've seen a number of BKK flights for less than $1500.
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  5. Here is a specific example. Can someone give suggestions to lower the fare because I do not like the YanQuees? Private messages are fine.

    Fare 1: Carrier UA LLX33CM1 CHI to BKK (rules)
    Passenger type ADT, round trip fare, booking code L
    Covers ORD-NRT (Coach), NRT-BKK (Coach)

    Fare 2: Carrier UA KHW03CM5 BKK to EWR (rules)
    Passenger type ADT, round trip fare, booking code K
    Covers BKK-NRT (Coach), NRT-EWR (Coach)
    Japan International Passenger Facility Charge (SW) $25.40
    Passenger Security Service Charge (OI) $12.40
    UA YQ surcharge (YQ) $450.00
    US International Departure Tax (US) $16.30
    US September 11th Security Fee (AY) $2.50
    US Passenger Facility Charge (XF) $4.50
    USDA APHIS Fee (XA) $5.00
    US Immigration Fee (XY) $7.00
    US Customs Fee (YC) $5.50
    US International Arrival Tax (US) $16.30
    Thailand Passenger Service Charge (TS) $23.10

    Subtotal per passenger $1,312.00
    Number of passengers x1

    Total airfare & taxes $1,312.00
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    I too fly from DC. You have to be a little careful in examining fares on when you do dc to Asia.

    Leaving from Washington, United's web site often put you on partner airlines and sometimes through Europe.

    Sometimes it's easier to look at fares from LAX, SFO or now Houston and work backwards to get United or Continental flights that could be SWU upgradeable and give you the most miles. (Check for the lowest fares for the week you want to do it)

    There is also an option of leaving on a late flight from Dulles to LAX or SFO, staying overnight on the west coast, then going on to Asia the next morning. (Often it is a lot more expensive. Sometimes it isnt).

    Finally as you mentioned, you can fly into SIN and out of BKK and take an Air Asia flight between them.

    SGN flights have generally been a little cheaper, but a visa to go there will cost you like $100 which you don't pay to sin.
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    I am looking ex-WAS too. Tricks are in short supply right now on *A, unfortunately. But I agree it is easier to find your fare LAX-C3 and try to add on from there. It might even make sense to buy a separate WAS-LAX RT ticket.

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