Help finding SEA-OKA in April - either award or purchase

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    I posted this in [the other place] and got some helpful replies, but I'm still struggling a bit. My wife needs to fly to Okinawa in early April, staying for 2+ weeks and then returning to Seattle. She is Delta Gold, so the best possible solution would be to find a good price on a ticket that would earn her Delta MQMs, at least for the long leg of the flight. Failing that, a low-mile award on Delta would be good, since we have a ton of Delta miles and never manage to use them (and don't value them as highly as others). Last good option would be an award on AA, which I think is available but those miles are more valuable.

    I've spent a few hours going through the trick / negotiate thread [at the other place] and I've started to decipher some of the clues, but haven't come close to knowing how to actually find a better fare than what I can find on ITA/kayak/delta. From the parallel thread here I'm hoping that MP might be slightly less secretive ... if anyone is willing to give me a pointer or two, either in reply or in a PM, I promise not to spread the secrets around. Obviously I'm new here, but I've got a long history on [the other place] and the same screen name if you want to make sure I'm not a spy, airline infiltrator or travel blogger.

    On the alternative line of the award ticket, I've just subscribed to expertflyer, but I'm a noob with that too! I think I'm seeing availability on Delta, but when we've called Delta they've said that there's nothing available. Is there a way to communicate with an airline award rep to make them honor what you find on expertflyer?

    Thanks for any advice, general or specific, you can provide. I look forward to getting to know this place...

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