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    I did my first business card (Ink) back in November (30th). I would like to do the 75k Amex Gold card this weekend. I am still new to the business card thing and it gets me a little nervous :confused:

    I have a legit business; I teach high school drumline and give private percussion lessons. Is there anything that is different from the Ink application? Am I going to have to call no matter what and answer additional questions? Should I put my personal income from my occupation, my household income, or the amount I put on my 2011 taxes specifically from teaching drumline?

    Finally, will applying for this have anything to do with my personal amex card applications? I got the Amex Hilton 65k back in Nov (30th) and would like to snag a platinum if another sweet 100k offer comes along. I have read that business card pull your personal credit, but then they don't show up on your report later down the road. Am I correct?
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    I would put the total income from your 2011 tax return on the application. If they want proof, you can then provide it and it will match. Getting the card should be no problem as long as your income is sufficient in their opinion.

    If anyone pulls your credit report, it will show up.
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    AMEX doesn't have much of a reconsideration process, so calling them likely won't help. I'd put your most recent income which would be 2012 (assuming it is higher than 2011). If AMEX asks for your most recent taxes, I'm sure they will understand that you haven't filed your 2012 return as yet.

    You are correct that when you apply for the business card, the credit inquiry will be on your personal credit report. But the actual line and monthly reporting will not appear on your personal account (unless you miss payments or don't pay them back). In that case it will appear on your personal credit report since you personally guarantee the business debt.

    Since this is a business card, you should be able to get the bonus on a future AMEX personal platinum card. Good luck!
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