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    I'm a former US loyalist and have gotten used to their website after years of use. I'm finding the aa site to be complicated and not at all friendly, and I don't mean to pick a fight with AA loyalists / apologists.

    I'm trying to get from CLT - BRU. With US, I could restrict by number of connections. I could see a calendar showing redemption levels on multiple days of the month. I could by default only see US metal; that's not what I see on AA...I see every other carrier.

    With AA, apparently the only routing I can take is CLT - MIA - PHL - BRU and there are no higher redemption levels and I can only sort by number of stops...which is two at a minimum.

    Is there a trick to searching for availability on AA or some better tool?

    is there some sort of 'advanced' mode that gets more options than the ones most pleasing to flying to Miami on the way to Philly from Charlotte?

    Any/all assistance is appreciated.
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    Start with the radio buttons at the bottom of page in the choose a carrier section. From the home page, you can get there from the "refine your search" hyperlink. Screenshot attached.

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    On .. after selecting " Refine search" you then select the "Multi-city" option check the individual legs you want to travel. If they are all available then do a search just for
    CLT/BRU the desired routing will show up.

    I did a test run for Sept 11 and found all kinds of routings besides through MIA ....ORD, DFW and a number of smaller airports plus LHR on the other side etc etc.
    It also showed CLT/PHL/BRU but with no availability on that date.
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