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    We are on the road A LOT. We also live with my Mom, who fends for herself when we are away by eating unhealthy and fast foods that she loves. When we're home, we are in charge of the cooking, and always try to make her healthy, nutritious and well-balanced meals that we also enjoy. She's more of a carnivore than we are, but has learned to enjoy plant-based proteins, as well.
    When we get home from a long trip, there is nothing but junk in the fridge, and we've often spent so much time in restaurants that we are loath to go out. Then, we discovered Hello Fresh, a meal subscription delivery box.
    We had had a local company start up and fail, trying to do the same thing, so we were sure we liked the concept. In any case, Hello Fresh is delivered once a week and contains 3 meals for either 2 or 4 people (you choose); either omnivorous or veggie (again, you choose, and veggie is cheaper.)
    At first, we thought $59 for 3 veggie meals for 2 sounded like a lot. But, it turns out they feed all 3 of us, sometimes with leftovers. The best part for us is that EVERYTHING is in the box (even peeled garlic cloves). You are expected to have salt, pepper and olive oil on hand, I think.
    Everything is very very fresh, and packaged and stored to stay cold for a long time on our porch. UPS delivers the box.
    Gone are the agonizing moments where we struggle long enough to choose a recipe that it's too late to shop and get dinner on the table. We can have simple meals like pizza or scrambled eggs on the nights in between the Hello Fresh. You can preview and make changes to your delivery if there is some food you don't like (this option isn't available for the veggie box, though.)
    We also often add a bit of meat protein to Mom's portion (she LOVES ham, for instance), and everyone is happy.
    We can mark the calendar in advance so that we skip weeks while we're traveling. We've been enjoying the meals since November, and have yet to have a meal that wasn't delicious, even the ones I was skeptical about.
    Right now, there's a special that you can get $40 off your first week's box, which includes a referral credit for me. If you've been wanting to try it, $19 is a pretty painless experiment. Anyway, it's been great for us. I believe it's USA only.
    Hellofresh dot com Referral code: SEJWU5

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