Hedgefunds to America: Air Travel is still not intolerable enough!!!!!!!

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    Having seized the nation's airways, and captured our federal government, the kindly folks in the esteemed Hedge Fund industry are troubled that our shambolic shambles of an aircartel is not yielding them sufficient eye popping profits on their speculation. They are now working over United Airlines, already a testament to how bad air travel can get when profit is all that matters (featuring a new first class with four seats that don't recline and four seats that are comfortable for the legless-plus a toilet that even average size people cannot quite fit into) These hedge funds, which include a ceo who sits on the Orbitz board, one of the top two or three organizations most complained about by consumers, are vying to squeeze anything that is tolerable out of travelling by air, short term profit being absolutely all that matters, even if it is a health and safety risk to the hostages who have no real choice in air travel. The hedgees (the kind of people who would never think to corrupt Washington through paid speeches, campaign contributions and hiring unsavory lobbyists) have purchased their 9th, 10th and 11th BMW's thanks to money accrued from ending frequent flyer programs for ordinary people. Now they have a secret plan to make air travel suck even worse, which is almost unimaginable. What could be next? No toilets at all. Seats that fold up in the aisles? Standees? Fees for simply searching for airfares? Fees for mentioning the airlines name derogatorily. Just as you cannot turn health care over to these vultures, the nation must rise up and demand the skyways be taken back from these people, many of whom had a role in the near collapse of our economy in 2008. Americans who must travel by air because we are a continental country have been totally sold out by this Administration and this Congress, and the more you look the more unnecessary it is, leaving a strong inference of corruption. Let's wrestle the skies and the country back from these sharks.
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