Heathrow Is Now Tracking How Late You Are

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    Is your flight in 30 minutes or 45? You don't have time to look at your boarding pass, so you hustle as fast as you can, awkwardly managing your oversized carry-on which you know that you are going to get scolded for. When you get to security, instead of being waved through you are turned right back around and sent off to the check-in gate. You won't be making your plane, and the pilot of your flight knows it.

    Creepy or helpful?

    While it might feel Big Brotherish, Heathrow Airport's new "positive boarding" initiative is intended to help not only keep flights on time, but also ensure that passengers have up to date information to know how much they need to hustle or not.

    When a passenger passes through a security checkpoint now, individual information about that passenger will pop up on the screen, showing which flight they are on and whether or not they are going to be able to make it. Passengers who are too late will be turned around, and the information will be passed along to the airline so that they can immediately begin removing the passenger's bag.

    Read More: http://www.gadling.com/2013/07/30/heathrow-tracking-passengers/
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    Wow, I actually like this. I don't trust it to work in the US due to a) the TSA being generally useless and b) American attitudes, but it's good to know it's working in London, where the queue was invented. :)

    I still try not to connect through Heathrow.
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    I agree... in the US it would be almost completely useless, but it's a really good example of technology that should have existed for a while now to make things easier for everybody.

    Right now the guy checking your boarding pass is there to see if you have a fake ID and to barely confirm that the boarding pass matches -- or in SFO to ask you for your name, for some stupid reason. The data is already there to tell you how far your gate is, if your flight is already boarding, how long it would take you to get through security and to the plane and whether or not you can make it (barely or with time for some Starbucks) or if you should just turn around and get rebooked.

    Of course why it's taken so long for anybody to actually grab all this data and do something useful with it is beyond me.
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    This is very good to know and as Viguera said its surprising its took this long to implement - its always annoying when you are sat on a plane waiting to take of and then the captain comes on speakers and tells everyone they are waiting for a bag to be found in the piles of suitcases in the hold so that they can remove it because someone was late.
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    LHR isn't exactly sliced bread :) Terminal 4 is a nightmare, not to talk about the hassles of being a transit pax in LHR with multiple terminals. LHR has a gate crunch as well as runway constraints, they cannot afford delays :D

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