Hawaiian Airlines Interisland bag fee going up 70% to $17

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    Interisland bag fee going up 70% to $17
    Hawaiian Airlines is increasing its checked-baggage fee 70 percent for the first piece of luggage on interisland flights to $17 from $10, effective Sept. 1.
    All other baggage fees for travel on Hawaiian remain unchanged, the airline said Tuesday after announcing it lost $50 million in the second quarter, its first loss in three years.
    Passengers exempt from the change are those who are members of Hawaiian's Premier, Pualani Gold and Pualani Platinum clubs; corporate members who book their tickets through Hawaiian's corporate portal; customers traveling in first class; active U.S. military personnel traveling on military or government fares; those with car seats, infant carriers or strollers when customers are traveling with a child; and those with wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, canes and other personal assistive devices.
    Glenn Taniguchi, Hawaiian's senior vice president of marketing and sales, said the change will be the first that Hawaiian has instituted for interisland service since September 2009.
    "We have changed other fees in step with the rest of the airline industry but have held the line on interisland baggage fees for the past two years," he said. "Unfortunately, increasing costs of operation make this adjustment unavoidable. Our fees for interisland service remain lower than anywhere else in our system."
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    According to the HA website and a customer service agent I spoke to, I was also exempt for the first two bags as I was connecting to an International destination. Hard to believe but for some odd reason HA does not consider Canada "International". Although that little snippet of knowledge is COMPLETELY omitted from anything I have read / heard. Based on the information on the website and confirmation from the HA CSR, I decided to bring some luggage back to the mainland. Boy was I surprised.

    HA agents are completely and totally inflexible. All they do is "apologize" for the inconvenience of doling out false and misleading information to their customers. They still hit me for the fees even though my record clearly indicated my conversation with the CSR and there was NOWHERE on the website indicating that HA had changed the definition of the word INTERNATIONAL. HA sucks. They have obliterated their FF program for interisland flyers and have without question the crappiest customer service in the country. This from an organization that is supposed to be promoting their home state as a wonderful place to visit, with much Aloha. They make me puke.

    I guess I now switch to GO or Mokulele. At least you know what you are getting with those two outfits.

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