Hawaiian Airlines installs new seats

Discussion in 'General Discussion | Travel' started by flynhwn, Apr 6, 2015.

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    Just flew to Maui from Oahu. Hawaiian Airlines has installing new slimline seats.
    These seats will be installed on all of their Boeing 717 inter-island fleet.
    Hawaiian is using these seats on flights of less than an hour, so thankfully the mainland flights will remain the same.
    The seats are comfortable for now but they are thin and we'll see how they do when they get worn. With these seats they added a row in coach so the flights now hole 120 passengers. It has a small tray table which protrudes. The seats also has very limited recline. Thank goodness they aren't using it on overseas flights.
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    Thanks for this posting! As some of the Hawaiian locals are known for their size (at least champion Japanese sumo wrestlers hail from Hawaii), this should prove to be difficult seating for many. Have you noticed any similar changes in the first class seating on HA? Mahalo! ;)
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