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    Here, for what it is worth, is Hawaiian Airlines official statement on obtaining Federal tax refunds for travel after 7/22/2011:

    Information Regarding Federal Tax Changes

    General Statement:

    Laws authorizing the Federal Excise Tax and certain other aviation-related taxes expired at the end of July 22, 2011. According to the IRS, customers who have purchased tickets on or before July 22 for travel on or after July 23 may be eligible for a refund of the expired taxes. Such refunds may be obtained by submitting a claim directly to the IRS. Customers submitting a claim will need to submit proof of taxes paid and travel dates to the IRS under procedures that it is currently developing. The IRS has indicated that it will provide additional guidance at a later date. For more information, please visit the IRS homepage at www.irs.gov.

    Expired taxes will not be applied to tickets purchased on or after July 23, 2011 until reauthorization has been passed to start collecting them again at which time the refunds will also end.


    Q: I would like a refund for the taxes I paid on my ticket. (for passengers who purchased their ticket prior to July 23, 2011)

    A: Refunds can be obtained by submitting a claim directly to the IRS. The IRS has not finalized its procedures but has said they will provide additional guidance. The IRS has indicated that when you submit a claim, you will need to submit proof of taxes paid and your travel dates. You can find this information on your e-ticket receipt. For more information you can go to www.irs.gov.

    Q: Why won’t the airline refund my taxes?

    A: The taxes are sent to the Federal Government when you purchase your ticket. As such, the IRS will process your claim for a refund.

    Q: How do I get a receipt to show how much I paid for taxes/travel dates?

    A: To request a copy of your ticket or receipt, click here.

    Q: If I buy a ticket now (after July 22, 2011), do I have to pay taxes?

    A: No. Certain federal taxes have expired, but others remain in effect. You will not have to pay expired taxes until Congress passes laws to reauthorize those expired taxes. We do not know if or when Congress will take such action. The IRS has a FAQ regarding the situation which can be found at www.irs.gov

    Source: deep in Hawaiian Airlines website: http://help.hawaiianair.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1919
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