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  1. Will somebody at Hawaiian pleeeease consider a Honolulu - Denver flight. We who must travel this route are held captive by United's increasingly inept service and schedule. It should be a goldmine! - the 1x/wk nonstop is always filled and what a terrific recipient from feeds throughout the midwest! please, think about it. I will switch mileage programs in a heartbeat! On a connecting flight I just tried to make they wanted to take me from Denver to Sfo I think it was and then to Maui and then on a teeny tiny Island Air plane (!!!) to Kona. Really!!??
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    Most of the reason those flights are full is because United flys people into DEN and then off to Hawaii. DEN doesn't have the standalone capacity to support Hawaii, but when coupled with service from dozens of cities it can support a flight. Hawaiian obviously doesn't have the network to pull in people from those dozens of cities.

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