Have you flown with your pet before? JetBlue's new unlimited pet flying promo for fall...

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    Good morning MP,

    This Monday, I received an interesting email from JetBlue about their new promotion for pets (small dogs and cats) where you can purchase an unlimited flying pass for your canine or feline companion for only $299. Valid dates for travel are anywhere from Sept 7 to the end of the year (Dec 31st). You have to make your purchase by 9/5 and supplies are limited. I'm writing an entry on this for my Saturday edition on my blog, and wanted to get some of your feedback.

    From what I can tell, this is a GREAT deal if you are planning on traveling 2 or more times and want to bring your pet--assuming you fly JetBlue. (It's normally $200 roundtrip to fly your pet with JetBlue's JetPaws program.)

    But I've never flown my pet. And while I don't plan to fly my dog in the near future, I still wanted to reach out to see if any of you have had experiences flying your pet, and if so, could you share the experience. Which airline did you fly? How long was the trip? How much did it cost to fly your pet? Did your pet seem to be okay with the trip? (I've always wondered do their ears pop like ours when up in the air?)

    And of course, what do you all think about this promo? Here's the link to the promo:
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