Have a refund voucher and want to use a discount code, Can I do this? Other Voucher questions too

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    I have a refund that is in the form of a voucher. the voucher is for more than the cost of the flight. I also have a discount code that would apply to the flight. Since this can not be done online, can I do this combination by calling reservations?

    Will the voucher difference I get in return be good for another year?
    Can I use multiple vouchers on the same transaction? I have a $10 voucher which is another refund that I want to apply before the larger voucher. The reason is they will all expire in the next month or so.

    Here is a curiousity question; How do you use a voucher in another members name? does that change if its a family member? I have these too as we took a voluntary bump together last year.

    does any of this change because of the type of voucher say refund vs. voluntary bump voucher?

    thank you in advance
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    Lots of questions there! Thankfully there's a pretty indepth overview of how vouchers work here.

    Here's some info from the page to address some of your questions....

    How do vouchers work on AA?

    They are treated just like cash towards valid purchases.

    What if the value of my vouchers exceed the value of my fare? Do I lose it?

    Unlike other airlines, you do NOT lose the residual value of your vouchers. If the residual value is more than $5, AA will mail you another voucher back as change, and this voucher is valid for one (1) year after its issuance.

    Can I use the vouchers to buy tickets for someone else?

    While vouchers are non-transferable, you may buy a ticket in someone else's name, so long as you are the one presenting the voucher (either by phone or personally at a ticket counter/office). If someone else presents the voucher, the ticket MUST be issued in the name of that on the voucher.


    With regards to using a discount code in conjunction with the voucher, it's a bit more complicated. You say you cannot use the voucher online, so I'm assuming you have a paper voucher that needs to be mailed or used in person? If that's the case, I don't believe you can use the voucher with the discount code. The discount code is for online, immediate purchases and the use of a paper voucher would require a hold. Typically speaking, discount codes do not allow for an itinerary to be held.

    From time to time AA does issue e-vouchers which can be used online in conjuction with a 4 digit PIN. These e-vouchers can be used in conjunction with a discount code online.

    Hope this helps!
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