Hate Crowds? Here Are The 10 Least-Visited Countries In The World

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    While I absolutely love to travel, there's one aspect of traveling that I can't stand. The crowds.It's something that you'll just need to accept when visiting popular tourist attractions, especially during peak season. It's not uncommon to have a 2-3 hour wait to get into the Louvre in Paris for example, during the summer. And it's also one of the reasons that beach escapes to secluded islands like the Maldives and Bora Bora are so desirable. That's why I was particularly intrigued by this article over at the Daily Mail, which lists the 10 least-visited countries in the world based on number of tourists in 2013. Here's the list, as you can see the numbers really drop off starting at #3:10. Palau (2013 visitors: 105,000)9. Moldova (2013 visitors: 96,000)8. East Timor (2013 visitors: 78,000)7. Dominica (2013 visitors: 78,000)6. St. Vincent and the Grenadines (2013 visitors: 72,000)5. Anguilla (2013 visitors: 69,000)4. Liechtenstein (2013 visitors: 60,000) 3. Niue (2013 visitors: 7,000)2. Montserrat (2013 visitors: 7,000) 1. Kiribati (2013 visitors: 6,000) Island of KiribatiWhile a couple of those countries have been on my radar, such as Palau and Liechtenstein, for the most part I hadn't heard of many of these places. To give some frame of reference, here are the top 5 tourist destinations from 2013:1. France (2013 visitors: 84.7 million)2. United States (2013 visitors: 69.8 million)3. Spain (2013 visitors: 60.7 million)4. China (2013 visitors: 55.7 million)5. Italy (2013 visitors: 47.7 million)Anyone interested in visiting one of the least-visited countries?

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