Has the miles required for an award calculation changed?

Discussion in 'United Airlines | MileagePlus' started by MDDCFlyer, Mar 29, 2012.

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    I have a question for all you CO/UA experts. I have posted it on the other board as well but no one is biting - so there it goes.

    I always assumed (perhaps mistakenly) that the miles required for X-Z and X-Y-Z would be the same, if there is no stop-over. Now X, Y, Z are all in different geographical zones.

    So couple of weeks ago I've booked US-NZ, via Asia at the price of 67,500 miles in C, as I expected it to be.

    In a couple of days it will be time too book the return ticket AUS-USA. Despite a lot of availability on UA metal, I'd rather taste some TG or SQ if I can. So looking at the alternatives of going through BKK and NRT, some of the itineraries are pricing correctly at 67,500 for C, others just sums up AUS-Asia and Asia-US as two different awards despite no stop-over. None of those are over the Atlantis which I would expect to be priced higher.

    In the process a different anomaly showed up, different miles requirements for basically the same flights:
    Flight 1: BKK-NRT-WAS in C requires 33,750 miles. (TG642, NH2)
    Flight 2: BKK-NRT-WAS in C requires 60,000 miles. (TG640, NH2).
    Flight 3: BKK-NRT-WAS in C requires 60,000 miles. (TG642, UA804).

    All of those flights leaves within an hour of one another. Now using the obviously wrong miles requirement of 33,750, the total award prices correctly as 67,500. Otherwise, it comes up as 105,000 (basically the sum of 45,000 and 60,000).

    Any idea what is going on? Somewhere the logic seems to be broken.

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