Has My AA Redemption Ticketed Properly?

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    This might be a dumb question, but I am an AA virgin when it comes to redemption.

    On 5 July I redeemed AA miles for a Qantas tix. All I received was an email from AA informing that an AA Advantage award was redeemed from the account and the number of miles. Nothing further to confirm ticketing had taken place, not even a record locator or ticket number.

    When I check my AA account I found the reservation by entering the flight details. Using that method I was able to get the record locator and the status is displayed as Ticketed. The appropriate fees have also charged to my credit card. I was able to use the record locator to email a copy of the reservation details to myself.

    So am I right to go? Should I be expecting a ticket number or can I relax as everything is as it should be?
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    The concern is that you didn't receive an email confirmation for the redemption itself when you made it?

    It usually takes a few hours to get those, it doesn't happen instantly, since the reservation gets queued for ticketing. Sometimes up to 24 hours or so.

    Always possible the email went to your spam. Or it could have not arrived. I once had that happen, at least I never did find whatever email was sent though nothing was wrong.

    If you pull up the reservation at aa.com and click 'print itinerary & receipt' you will be able to see the ticket number.

    And it's always a good idea to ring up the airlines you'll be traveling with, select seats, and just ask to ensure that they see your e-ticket attached to the reservation.

    Your reservation says ticketed, 99.99999% likelihood you're totally good to go, but I'm the paranoid type so I triple and quadruple check these things :)
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