has anyone used a landscape/garden architect?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Sweet Willie, Apr 9, 2011.

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    I'd really like to get some ideas for our backyard and understand exactly what plants/trees we have.

    Has anyone used a landscape/garden architect? Where did you locate them?
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    Not to be smug, but MrsBobSgt and I watched thousands of hours of gardening programs when we still had DirecTV, and she has become quite adept at identifying foliage using the internet. Sometimes she gets stumped, and then she just snaps a pic and posts it in one of her gardening forums- someone always ID's the plant by the next day. We have only lived in HI for eight weeks, and she now rattles off local flora like a local botanist.

    If you haven't moved forward on this project by the time we find the right airfare to visit Chicagoland, give her a crack at it! (The poor gal has NEVER been to Chicago- no Shedd Aqaurium, no Field Museum, no soap in the fountain at the Point, no pizza from Medici, no parade of secretaries on Michigan Ave at lunch... And yet I love her anyway.)
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    Although I think he gives me too much credit, bobsgt does know me pretty good.
    Shoot a few pics and I'll give it a whorl;)
    that's a little garden humor:rolleyes:
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