Has anyone sat in the coach bulkhead of an AA 767-200 (762)? Is it comfortable?

Discussion in 'SeatExpert' started by herhusband, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. Is this the plane where the wall juts toward you and you can't put your feet up on the wall, or is the wall straight up and down? I need to put my feet up during long flights to protect my knees and have been unpleasantly surprised, at times, by the design of the bulkhead wall curving as it goes down (to maximize space) - making it impossible for me to do what I need to do...
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    I normally find myself on a 767-300 not a 200 so I am not sure (I think the bulkhead is the same) but I choose this seat everytime I fly on this plane and find it has plenty of room to put your feet up.

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