Has AA dropped the audio channels on 737 IFE?

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    So I made a transcon RT this week - two different 738's (one new/refurb interior, one quite old)

    On both planes all the audio channels were dead, though the movie channels worked. Crew announcements still came through on the "dead" channels, meaning there was no audio source content.

    A week and a half ago, one of the 738's I was on had no audio channels (but the video channels had sound), and the other one had half the channels not working.

    This seems to be new. Have they been dropped, or is there a technical issue involving more than one plane (after all, I've seen it on multiple planes of various vintage)?

    Granted, I do use an MP3 player most of the time, but find myself surfing through the audio channels when the video is showing one of the tiresome advertisements.
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    I was on the new 738s last week...onboard audio channels seemed to work fine for me.

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