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    I came across this article today, a bit of a laugh. :)
    Qantas to return to full service, pledges CEO

    Qantas CEO Alan Joyce says the airline's disastrous drop in market share has convinced him that it's time Qantas moved back to being a 'full service' airline.

    Joyce told press that the airline had been inspired by the National Australia Bank's move to "break up" with the other big banks and remove monthly account-keeping fees and overlimit penalties.

    "As CEO of the company, I am ultimately responsible for its success, and I am not at all ashamed to reverse any recent decisions that haven't been a commercial success," Joyce said.

    "We are dumping unpopular fees such as our $20 seat selection charge and fuel and tax surcharges on Frequent Flyer award tickets, which can be up to half the cost of the normal ticket price," he said

    [Read the full story here]
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    The plastic tube headphones idea sounds good actually!
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    Ugh, more AusBT content.

    Sorry, but that site makes me want to puke due to its highly derrative content which it steals straight from other sites and pays only lip service to make it look like they have written it themselves.

    I've lost count of the number of times that they've stolen content from the Reed Business Information published FlightGlobal (both print edition and their journalist blogs), and even lifted content from freq. flyer forums (such as AFF).

    All of this lifting has been done without attribution to source, and if someone was to pursue it I'd suggest they'd be in breach of the Copyright Act (Cwlth) 1968, as well as any number of common law cases and the frequently accepted 'hot news doctrine'.

    Sorry, but AusBT, no matter how funny they attempt to be, should be ignored by the community so it dies a quick and hopefully painful death.
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    Makes me laugh sometimes, but here is the workflow.

    Someone makes a comment on a forum -> AusBT picks it up, maybe rings some contacts, and publishes a story a day or two later -> Someone posts the story as evidence on the forum.
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    I think AusBT has its place, and they are obviously trying to use material that is different from what you get in most mainstream media. To do that, they do seem to go through various blogs, forums etc to find information that may be useful to business travellers (although I am not sure why they review consumer credit cards that generally have clauses against earning points on business use, whether enforced or not).

    They're not perfect, but nothing wrong with them having a go.

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