'Hangover' bus tries to help Las Vegas revellers

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    The idea is to bring relief to tourists with stomach-churning wooziness, headaches and body pains -- symptoms that could ruin an entire day in Sin City.

    A bus called Hangover Heaven rolls down Las Vegas Boulevard as visitors on the ugly side of alcohol are helped by doctor and board-certified anesthesiologist Jason Burke. He checks an intravenous fluid bag, hung from the ceiling, that drips a saline and vitamin solution into Bryan Dalia's left arm.

    "I did two bachelor parties, back-to-back," Dalia says, putting his hand to his forehead as he recalled steins of beer and shots of alcohol the previous afternoon and a night of gambling, dining and drinking martinis. Now he has a Las Vegas wedding to attend.

    "How are you doing now?" medical technician Debra Lund asks.
    "Better," Dalia says. "My palms aren't sweating anymore. I don't have that, like, cold sweat feeling anymore."

    Dalia was one of the first patients of the mobile treatment centre for tourists who drink in all the nightlife Las Vegas has to offer. For a fee, they get a quick morning-after way to rehydrate, rejuvenate and resume their revelry.

    Read More: http://www.cp24.com/servlet/an/local/CTVNews/20120423/120423_hangover_bus/20120423/?hub=CP24Extras
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    I'm sure there are some who would really appreciate this after a rough bout of partying... ;)
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    starting at $90??? forget that. buying outrageously priced water every 3rd drink would be cheaper than this

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