Hacienda properites on the Yucatan Peninsula Mexico

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    Anyone stayed at any of the 5 Hacienda properties on the Yucatan peninsula?
    Was one better than another IYO?
    How did you access the property? (car I'm assuming)
    Activities/dining nearby?

    The five Hacienda properties are:
    Puerta Campeche
    Santa Rosa
    San Jose
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    My wife and I stayed at Santa Rosa and Uayamon, and we would love to return. It was probably the most relaxing vacation that we've ever taken. We flew into CUN and out of MID, and we rented a car. (Flight schedules to and from MID are limited.) A car was essential for us since we toured around most days. Arranging for a driver from the hotel is an option, but it is expensive.

    Among our side trips was a private guided boat tour around the flamingo colony at Celestun and a visit to the Mayan ruins at Uxmal.

    Each property is different, and there are many different opinions about which are best. We loved Santa Rosa most, but also liked Uayamon. Santa Rosa was more rustic, but also more creatively constructed, IMO. Uayamon has creative aspects, too, such as its amazing pool.

    These are Luxury Collection properties, but they are still in sort of jungle areas with wildlife. We saw frogs, a bat, and a snake during our time around the hotels. If you or your traveling companions are squeamish about these kinds of things, this might not be a suitable destination for you.

    I think it's best to spend a minimum of 2 nights at each property. 3 nights would be better. For most visitors, 5 or 6 nights would be too long at a single property. Watch for C&P award options.

    As a Platinum guest, we got upgraded to a suite at both properties.

    Much of the food may be grown at the properties, and I think that it is expected that most guests will dine there each morning and night. (Or at least most of the time.)

    Nearly all of the employees are locals, and these properties have revitalized the communities. Definitely read about the communities and the non-profit foundation that has made it possible. The service was top notch, and we were constantly surprised by their attention to detail.

    An excerpt:
    In addition to the standard Starwood webpages for these properties, also check out their own independent websites such as this one for Santa Rosa (with links to the others at the bottom):
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/Thehaciendas

    I can't say enough great things about these gems in the Starwood collection! They are unique!
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