Guest Leaves Scathing Review of Texas Hotel for Holding a Furry Convention

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    A customer recently left a scathing review of the Crowne Plaza North Dallas-Addison hotel due to a furry situation. The traveler was shocked and disgusted by a "Furry Convention" in which people dress up as animals and engage in lewd behavior. The convention happened to take place the same weekend that he stayed in the hotel with his family.

    A customer known as Tony A. left a review on TripAdvisor about his experience at the Crowne Plaza North Dallas-Addison when the furry convention was in town. Tony A. claims they stayed at the hotel in February 2012, but they did not post the review until January 2013.

    "In regards to problems, these made for a horrific stay. First of all, I like to bring up the ineptitude of the groups department on scheduling a Furry Convention of unacceptable adults, along with a young girls and boys cheerleading team. The things that our children (ages 4-17) witnessed there, are the kinds of things that we as parents hate to even think that they would be exposed to. My 10 year old daughter and my 8 year old son witnessed lewd and lascivious behavior in the pool, outside by these furry people.

    These "people",if I can call them that, were doing unspeakable things outside on the hallways and in their rooms with their doors open. I got into an argument and almost a physical confrontation with two of them because they screamed at a kid that was speaking loudly in the hallway, as they were walking by him, and insulted him with major profanity...this was a 10 year old, folks. Lucky for this kid, my good friend's kid, I came out of my room at the same exact time as they walked by him and confronted them. On another instance, three of these "people" had very dirty and awful comments for a couple of our 6 year old girls. The comments to myself and the girls' parents were offensive and almost turned things violent as the fathers weren't exactly too happy with them."

    Tony A. did a little research to learn what a furry convention was and he was disgusted that the hotel would host such an event.

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